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We are Al Huda International Company for Machinery Industry, one of the leading companies in
The Middle East, we put in your hands 20 years of experience, we guarantee you the quality of the work we provide.
We have a dedicated team and our goal is to help any company or project achieve the highest results.
Specialized in manufacturing all natural potato production lines and chips lines
Potato chips and packing machines.
Al Huda International Machinery Industry is your best choice for your continued success


Al Huda Industries

Al-Huda Company provides high-quality machines, very workmanship and summit in durability. It equips chips factories and packaging machines, and specializes in manufacturing natural potato chips production line, half-fried potatoes line, puffed corn chips production line, corn chips production line stuffed with chocolate, and corn flakes production line. The billet chips frying line, the Chinese mixed crackers chips production line, the Cheetos chips production line, and the popcorn production line (Shami popcorn). The technology used in the humble Al-Huda Company is what puts us at the top. Be a partner with Al Huda

Pre-sale services

We care about you from the first moment of your contact with us at any time, and we offer you the best solutions. Al-Huda puts the entire sales team of engineers at your service to help you provide you with full information, an economic feasibility study and the costs of your project to choose the best. .Do not hesitate to ask for any inquiries and advice

After-sales service

Al Huda Company We do maintenance services wherever our customers are located in the world. We also provide technical support services to customers to avoid any downtime in their production process. And we give great importance to the continuity of work and the highest quality standards for our customers through periodic maintenance and continuous updating and constantly providing them with new forms.. We can also provide you with specialized cadres of installation and operation engineer permanently or temporarily according to the customer's desire


Al-Huda is a true long-term warranty. Our motto since our launch in this field is quality, perfection, and honesty with our customers. A true guarantee for all technical and technical faults. Al-Huda is your best choice and your partner in your continuous success. Al-Huda makes it your best choice


The machines were manufactured according to a well-studied plan according to international quality systems and standards, starting with the engineering study, and then the machines are manufactured on the latest forming and operating machines such as laser, CNC and programmed interleaving, depending on the workforce of specialized engineers, taking into account the accuracy of work and the distinctive external appearance of our products

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